about the blog

The unpublished voice is Siphokuhle Dludla’s blog is a unique blog which aims to deliver blend of news, opinion, analysis, fun and general information, I am based in Durban KwaZulu Natal.

siphokuhle Dludla was born  and bred in a small town of Mandeni, Siphokuhle Dludla’s interests are in social commentary, politics and youth development advocacy. He has served in various youth,political and academic structures including the National Executive committee of the Congress of South African students,the student representative council at the university of kwaZulu-Natal, Howard college campus which enabled him to be a member of the university’s language board.

I publish well informed, political opinions .Everything on the Unpublished voice is free,no-payment-required,

The Unpublished voice is run by independent person with no affiliation to any other media group. I try by all means to ensure that i publish only content that does not propagate for war, amounts to hate speech and is fair

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